I Can Change (2016)

After his son is attacked by a dog in the park, Martin’s seemingly idyllic family is shaken. As the father, he can only look on helplessly, while his son records his impotence with a camcorder. A few days later, Martin runs into the dog’s owner - the perfect opportunity to make amends for his previous feeble reaction. The owner turns out to be less compliant than expected and Martin has to give in. Things escalate and, all the while, the camcorder’s presence is like the Sword of Damocles. When the Sword inevitably falls and Martin is faced with his own impotence, he decides to go after the dog. At any cost he has to push himself to the limit, even if this requires the shedding of blood. Will he succeed or will his act of heroism be sabotaged?


Directed by
Joachim Dejonghe
Kristof Coenen, Tine Van den Wyngaerde
Country of production

Music by
Mirek Coutigny