Towering Above (2016)


Towering Above is a symphonic suite, written for a concert where it appears next to Tombeau de Couperin (1917) and the fourth symphony of Schubert (1817). Towering Above (2017) is a work that's very aware of it's place in this history. In 4 movements (Layers, Corners, Towers and Facades) the work departs from the shapes and forms of a baroque dance suite (as heard in the Ravel), and replaces them with geometrical forms inspired by famous buildings. 

Click here to see the score for this work!

Station Eleven (2016)

Station Eleven is based on the book by Emily St-John-Mandel. 

The story tells of a group of wandering artists in a desolate world, 20 years after a devastating disaster.  
Roaming along the remains of the metropolises between the Great Lakes, they perform Shakespeare and Beethoven and wonder about the fantastic world that once was. 

Structurally, it was my aim in this piece to reflect on the way a season of a television series is build. In 8 episodes the story takes shape by building small motifs and sound identities into a larger complex network. The bigger picture rises from this collection of musical cells that overlap and transform each other. Along the way the plot devices of television (cliffhanger, flashback, the intertwining of different stories) are incorporated in a musical argument

Colorful Danger, Safe Grey (2014)

I had already for a little while the dream about a piece that could capture the complex phenomenon of 'the suburbs'. How every house is the same, safe, but grey. I looked for a vantage point to tell the story in a way that speaks to the imagination, and still could show the artificial aspect of those neighborhoods. Everything converged magically when I got my hands on the book 'Tales from outer suburbia' by Shaun Tan. It became a work about a journey through an environment that becomes so burdensome because of the similarity of every street. A trip where a child in all nativity searches for the end of the world. And when it becomes so disillusioned because of the artificial aspect of the neighborhood, it reaches the edge of his world. Let his legs dangle across, the world at his feet.