The Trail (2016)

The Trail is the second in a series of pieces that takes its form and content after a Michelin-map of a certain region. This time around, we take a trip from the guild-ridden town of Salem to the childish innocence of the Danbury camp meeting, subject of the violin sonata by Charles Ives.   We know Salem from the witch trials in the 17th century,  from books filled with adultary like 'The Scarlett Letter' by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and associate it with the puritan surroundings of books like 'Little Children' and 'The Leftovers' by Tom Perotta. We travel through the woods, passing Walden Pond and the Mattatuck State forest, only to be faced with our own guilt of what seemed so innocent at the start.  The Trail is scored for clarinet in Bb, viola and piano.