The sounds and musicians on this album

From the start it was clear to me that I wanted to do something different with this album. Having worked for various productions where time is money, I wanted to take my time and enjoy the benefits of not having a deadline. This meant: never settling for an emergency plan, always striving for the best sound possible with the means I had. 

I started working on this EP in October 2016. That’s a year and a half of work on 30 minutes of music. In this time I’ve spent weeks looking for the most fitting sounds I could get from my piano. I had various sessions with wonderful musicians, where we could experiment with very subtle nuances in the music. I loaned some amazing synthesizers from befriended musicians. When I thought a certain sound from a particular obscure instrument would make the end result even slightly better, I did everything I could to get hold of the real thing, even if it was only for a few days (and 4 seconds of music). What I gained with each step is neglectable, but in the end, it’s all of these small things that make the result stand out next to the work I have done before. It makes for an album that is full of personal sounds and stories. 

I want to thank Jonathan Bonny, Esther Coorevits, Jolien Deley, Birgit Eecloo and Robin Van Heghe for their wonderful contribution to this EP. It’s their performances that make the notes shine.